Thursday, July 2, 2015

What Companions Will You Keep?

I've been thinking about the whole companion situation in the new #KotFE expansion. We know that Lana Beniko will free us from the Cabonite and if we sub by July 31'st then we will get Nico Okarr as a companion. A few things have been said about the other companions, implying you will be able to keep or get rid of them. That could be a very difficult choice if you have become attached to them. What ones do you keep and what ones do you let go? And what about HK and Treek? We paid for those comps. If they take them out of the mix what kind of compensation are we going to get for them? And how will all this play into crafting?

Lets go down the list of comps and decide what ones I will or wont keep.I will do this in the order we receive them.

1. T7-01:
 This little droid has been around for a very long time. He was in the Jedi Temple at the time the Sith destroyed it. He lost his owner, Master Zallow in that battle and went on to server the Jedi on Tython. I like T7. Its too bad though I only used him until Kira unlocked and in the Dark Temple at the end of the JK story. I maxed out his affection so I could get mats for crafting quicker but other then that, I never really used him much.I feel sorry for him, he has been through a lot of owners. But he has no real practical use for me at this time other then a gatherer. T7 is one I can see leaving behind. The difficulty will be if you have to make a choice of turning your back on him or just letting him serve in a different capacity.

:Won't Keep

2. Kira Carsen:
Child of the Emperor, smart ass but all around good person. She brings a different type of attitude to the Jedi Order. One I think more people should adopt personally. Unlike many others I don;t romance companions. I find it silly. But to each their own. The thing I like about her is she fought the Emperor and won. Pushing him away, something very few have done. And that's gotta count for something. Especially with Valkorion, She's fought that battle and knows what it takes. I think she could be invaluable at this time.

:Will Keep

3. Archiban Kimble (DoC):
This will be a tough one for me also. I really like his attitude. And he is a great healer. However, if you get to keep Treek then you don't really need him as your healer. The main reason I will keep him though is for crafting. He makes meds better then anybody. And that's the crew skill I utilize the most. @werit has a blog ( about crafting and if he is correct there may be no need for crafting anymore. I'll have to research if Doc, after 55 is a better healer then Treek. Again, another hard choice.


                                                                                              4. Lord Scourge:
I like what Scourge brought to the JK story. I freaked out a bit when I first met him on Quesh. I remember thinking about just what exactly he meant when he said "What a mystery the Force can be. I came seeking a traitor but found you instead. The time draws near". After saying your little bit about knowing you he says again "Many know your name. Some whisper it, others shout it. I alone recognize what it means.You're strong and touched by darkness. That is unexpected. An advantage? Possibly". Other then that again, I had no use for him. I gave him all my old armor once I upgraded mine and sent him to get mats for crafting. Maybe I missed the boat on him but other comps seemed to be much more useful.

:Won't Keep

5. Fideltin Rusk:
I may be totally off base here but to me, this is the single most worthless comp for the JK, Its like they forgot to add a 5th comp and hurriedly added him. Again, other then using him for collecting mats he is useless to me. I am trying to think of a time I even called him to come fight with me.

:Won't Keep.

Well there you have it. My thoughts on each of the Jedi Knights companions and if I will keep them or not. Of course, all this could change depending on how the process of replacing them comes about. I doubt, as a fully light side Jedi I would send them to their deaths. So we shall see.

Next week I will go over the Sith Warrior companions and decide on them as well.

Thanks for reading and as always please let me know what you think.

May the Force be with you. Always.


  1. You don't seem to want to keep a lot of companions! I think I'd only really actively get rid of any if we are forced to, e.g. by having to choose three out of five or something like that.

  2. Rusk can die a horrible, terrible death for all I care. But T7? Dude? Heart of stone, brother.