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  1. spec·u·la·tion
    noun: speculation; plural noun: speculations
    1. 1.
      the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.

I know what you're thinking, after I totally missed on my last post I am going to do it again?? C'mon, we all love to "Speculate"!!! How many of us do it on a daily basis? I sure do. Especially if it's something I know almost nothing about but really enjoy. Okay enough about speculating and on to speculating.

The announcement of the new expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire has really brought a new buzz to the SWTOR universe. I've heard more chatter about the MMO since E3 then I had in a very long time. It reminds me of the excitement that surrounded the game before launch. Many of us scouring the internet, looking for any morsel we can sink our teeth into for information.The "Sacrifice" trailer has over 2.6 million views on YouTube. Needless to say I think the hype is real.

 I actually went through and played a Jedi Knight, 1-60 once again on the Jedi Covenant server to see if there were any clues about the new expansion. Below is two things that were said that caught my attention:

***SPOILER ALERT***(Don't read if you haven't completed "Shadow Of Revan and Rise of the Emperor and have avoided information gathered about Knights of the Fallen Empire)

(This is from the Jedi Knight point of view but is relevant to all I believe.)
1. On Rishi, when doing your Jedi class quest "Old Scars", Master Orgus Din says " There are dark times coming, for the galaxy and for you". You ask him "if he has seen what's to come?" He admits to "just a little" and sends you on a quest to clean yourself of the scare you got at the Emperors hands the first time you went to take him out. This is to prepare you for those future events.

2. The Emperor says a couple interesting things also, "I have already cheated death, I have other plans now, as you will see.I have decided that life is more interesting with you in it....When I am finished here - when every life on this world has been exhausted, I want you to be alive.To know that I succeeded. Goodbye."

Orgus could have easily been talking about the upcoming events with Revan and Ziost. But I feel like there was more to it then that. Orgus was a stud, and I know he says this is the last time they will meet but I really wish they would find a way to have him come back again.

Now to what Vitiate had to say and how it correlates to the KotFE. Vitiate does not like you, at all. As Darth Marr said "you possibly wounded him more than any other has." Vitiate doesn't just want you dead, he wants to hurt you. Torture you. Make you feel so much pain that you are begging to die. 

XamXam in her blog( did a great job of going through several scenarios as to how Vitiate and Valkorion are intertwined. I subscribe to the one where they are brothers or related somehow. They are of the same mind and if you hurt one, you hurt the other. And that's the reason why Valkorion, instead of killing you, captures you, puts you in carbonite and waits to un-thaw you at the very end. When he can show you the full destruction of everything you once knew. So you can see the last sliver of light leave the galaxy as you know it. Then he leaves you alive, tortured and broken.


(Please forgive grammatical errors, I need to find me a proof reader.)

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